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Oh Look Out! Songs and Albums of The Beatles

Part 21-A

All The Songs Recorded by The Beatles: A to M

By John T. Marck

Contained in the list below are all the songs that were recorded by The Beatles that are currently available. After each song title is listed the CD or CDs on which that song can be found. This list does not include those vinyl albums such as the American versions and others, that are not commonly available, as well as the many collection of hits albums that were produced. Consequently, some songs are available on other produced albums.

To Go Directly to any song, merely click on the song title.

NOTE: Only those songs written by The Beatles have links, and are underscored.

A work in progress, check back soon if the song and lyrics you want does not yet appear.

Note: The "1" at the end of the CD Title area denotes The Beatles CD of number one hits, merely titled "1."

Song Name: (CDs)


Across The Universe: Let It Be /1967-1970/ Anthology 2

Act Naturally: Help!

Ain't She Sweet: The Beatles with Tony Sheridan /Anthology 1 & 3

All I've Got To Do: With The Beatles

All My Loving: With The Beatles/ 1962 -1966/Live at the BBC /Anthology 1

All Things Must Pass: Anthology 3

All Together Now: Yellow Submarine

All You Need Is Love: Magical Mystery Tour/Yellow Submarine /1967-1970/ 1

And I Love Her: A Hard Day's Night /1962 -1966 /Anthology 1

And Your Bird Can Sing: Revolver /Anthology 2

Anna (Go To Him): Please Please Me

Another Girl: Help!

Any Time At All: A Hard Day's Night

Ask Me Why: Please Please Me/Live at the Star Club, Hamburg


Baby It's You: Please Please Me/ Live at the BBC

Baby You're A Rich Man: Magical Mystery Tour

Baby's In Black: Beatles For Sale

Back In The USSR: The Beatles (The White Album) /1967-1970

Bad Boy: Past Masters Volume 1

Ballad Of John And Yoko, The: 1967-1970/ Past Masters Volume 2 /1

Because: Abbey Road

Beginning, A: Anthology 3 (Written by George Martin)

Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band /Anthology 2

Besame Mucho: Live at the Star Club, Hamburg/Anthology 1

Birthday: The Beatles (The White Album)

Blackbird: The Beatles (The White Album) /Anthology 3

Blue Jay Way: Magical Mystery Tour

Boys: Please Please Me /Anthology 1


Can't Buy Me Love: A Hard Day's Night/1962-1966/Live at the BBC/Anthology 1/1

Carol: Live at the BBC

Carry That Weight: Abbey Road

Cayenne: Live at the BBC/Anthology 1

Chains: Please Please Me

Clarabella: Live at the BBC

Come And Get It: Sessions /Anthology 3

Come Together: Abbey Road /1967-1970/ Anthology 3 /1

Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill, The: The Beatles )The White Album)

Cry Baby Cry: The Beatles (The White Album)

Cry For A Shadow: The Beatles with Tony Sheridan/Anthology 1

Crying, Waiting, Hoping: Decca Auditions/Live at the BBC


Day In The Life, A: Sgt. Pepper/1967-1970/ Anthology 2

Day Tripper: 1962-1966/Past Masters Volume 2 /1

Dear Prudence: The Beatles (The White Album)

Devil In Her Heart: With The Beatles

Dig A Pony: Let It Be /Anthology 3

Dig It: Let It Be

Dizzy Miss Lizzy: Help! /Live at the BBC

Do You Want To Know A Secret?: Please Please Me

Doctor Robert: Revolver

Don't Bother Me: With The Beatles

Don't Ever Change: Live at the BBC

Don't Let Me Down: 1967-1970/ Past Masters Volume 2

Don't Pass Me By: The Beatles (The White Album) /Anthology 3

Drive My Car: Rubber Soul /1962-1966


1822!: Live at the BBC

Eight Days A Week: Beatles For Sale /1962-1966/Anthology 1/ 1

Eleanor Rigby: Revolver /1962-1966/Anthology 2/ 1

End, The: Abbey Road /Anthology 3

Every Little Thing: Beatles For Sale

Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey: The Beatles (White Album)

Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby: Beatles For Sale/Live at the BBC /Anthology 2


Fixing A Hole: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Flying: Magical Mystery Tour

Fool On The Hill, The: Magical Mystery Tour /1967-1970/ Anthology 2

For No One: Revolver

For You Blue: Let It Be /Anthology 3

Free As A Bird: Beatles Anthology 1

From Fluff To You/Live at the BBC

From Me To You: Past Masters Volume 1/Anthology 1 /1

From Us To You: Live at the BBC


Get Back: Let It Be/1967-1970/ Past Master Volume 2 /Anthology 3 /1

Getting Better: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Girl: Rubber Soul /1962-1966

Glad All Over: Live at the BBC

Glass Onion: The Beatles (The White Album) /Anthology 3

Golden Slumbers: Abbey Road

Good Day Sunshine: Revolver

Good Morning Good Morning: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band /Anthology 2

Good Night: The Beatles (The White Album) /Anthology 3

Got To Get You Into My Life: Revolver /Anthology 2


Hallelujah, I Love Her So: Live at the Star Club, Hamburg/Anthology 1

Happiness Is A Warm Gun: The Beatles (The White Album) /Anthology 3

Hard Day's Night, A: A Hard Day's Night/1962-1966/Live at the BBC/Anthology 1 /1

Have A Banana!: Live at the BBC

Hello Goodbye: Magical Mystery Tour /1967-1970/ Anthology 2/ 1

Hello Little Girl: Anthology 1

Help!: Help!/1962-1966/Anthology 2/ 1

Helter Skelter : The Beatles (The White Album) /Anthology 3

Her Majesty: Abbey Road

Here Comes The Sun: Abbey Road /1967-1970

Here, There and Everywhere: Revolver

Hey Bulldog: Yellow Submarine

Hey Jude: 1967-1970/ Past Masters Volume 2 /1

Hippy Hippy Shake, The: Live at the BBC

Hold Me Tight: With The Beatles

Honey Don't: Beatles For Sale

Honey Pie: The Beatles (The White Album) /Anthology 3

Honeymoon Song, The: Live at the BBC

How Do You Do It: Sessions/Anthology 1


I Am The Walrus: Magical Mystery Tour /1967-1970/ Anthology 2

I Call Your Name: Past Masters Volume 1

I Don't Want To Spoil The Party: Beatles For Sale

I Feel Fine: 1962-1966/Past Masters Volume 1/Live at the BBC/1

I Forgot To Remember To Forget: Live at the BBC

I Got A Woman: Live at the BBC

I Got To Find My Baby: Live at the BBC

I Just Don't Understand: Live at the BBC

I Me Mine: Let It Be /Anthology 3

I Need You: Help!

I Saw Her Standing There: Please Please Me/Live at the BBC/Anthology 1

I Should Have Know Better: A Hard Day's Night

I Wanna Be Your Man: With The Beatles/Live at the BBC/Anthology 1

I Want To Hold Your Hand: 1962-1966/Past Masters Volume 1/Anthology 1/1

I Want To Tell You: Revolver

I Want You (She's So Heavy): Abbey Road

I Will: The Beatles (The White Album) /Anthology 3

I'll Be Back: A Hard Day's Night /Anthology 1

I'll Be On My Way: Live at the BBC

I'll Cry Instead: A Hard Day's Night

I'll Follow The Sun: Beatles For Sale

I'll Get You: Past Masters Volume 1

I'm A Loser: Beatles For Sale/Live at the BBC

I'm Down: Past Masters Volume 1

I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You): Live at the BBC

I'm Happy Just To Dance With You: A Hard Day's Night

I'm Looking Through You: Rubber Soul/Sessions/Anthology 2

I'm Only Sleeping: Revolver/ Anthology 2

I'm So Tired: The Beatles (The White Album) /Anthology 3

I've Got A Feeling: Let It Be/Anthology 3

I've Got To Find My Baby: Live at the BBC

I've Just Seen A Face: Help!

If I Fell: A Hard Day's Night

If I Needed Someone: Rubber Soul

If You've Got Trouble: Sessions /Anthology 2

In My Life: Rubber Soul /1962-1966

In Spite Of All The Danger: Anthology 1

Inner Light, The: Past Masters Volume 2

It Won't Be Long: With The Beatles

It's All Too Much: Yellow Submarine

It's Only Love: Help!


Johnny B. Goode: Live at the BBC

Julia: The Beatles (The White Album) /Anthology

Junk: Anthology 3

Just A Rumor: Live at the BBC


Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey: Beatles For Sale/Live at the BBC /Anthology 1

Keep Your Hands Off My Baby: Live at the BBC

Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand: Past Masters Volume 1


Lady Madonna: Past Masters Volume 2 /1967-1970/ Anthology 2/ 1

Leave My Kitten Alone: Sessions/Anthology 1

Lend Me Your Comb: Anthology 1

Let It Be: Let It Be/1967-1970/ Past Masters Volume 2 /1

Like Dreamers Do: Anthology 1

Little Child: With The Beatles

Little Rhyme, A: Live at the BBC

Lonesome Tears In My Eyes: Live at the BBC

Long And Winding Road, The: Let It Be /1967-1970/ Anthology 3/ 1

Long Long Long: The Beatles (The White Album)

Long Tall Sally: Past Masters Volume 1/Live at the BBC /Anthology 1

Love Me Do: Please Please Me/1962-1966/Past Masters Volume 1/Live at the BBC/1

Love Of The Loved: Decca Audition

Love You To: Revolver

Lovely Rita: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Lucille: Live at the BBC

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds: Sgt. Pepper/1967-1970/ Anthology 2


Maggie Mae: Let It Be

Magical Mystery Tour: Magical Mystery Tour /1967-1970

Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues: Anthology 3

Mailman Blues: Sessions

Martha My Dear: The Beatles (The White Album)

Matchbox: Past Masters Volume 1/ Live at the BBC

Maxwell's Silver Hammer: Abbey Road /Anthology 3

Mean Mr. Mustard: Abbey Road /Anthology 3

Memphis, Tennessee: Live at the BBC

Michelle: Rubber Soul /1962-1966

Misery: Please Please Me

Money (That's What I Want): With The Beatles /Anthology 1

Moonlight Bay: Anthology 1

Mother Nature's Son: The Beatles (The White Album) /Anthology 3

Mr. Moonlight: Beatles For Sale

My Bonnie: The Beatles with Tony Sheridan


NOTE: All song titles contained herein by The Beatles and/or Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starkey are Copyright Northern Songs and/or John Lennon, Lenono Music, Inc., and/or The John Lennon Estate, and/or Ono Music, and/or Apple Corps, Ltd./Emi Capitol Records. All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured. Songs titles not registered to The Beatles individually or collectively and the registered copyright of the respective owners, including but not limited to: Arthur Alexander; Gerry Goffin/Carole King; Luther Dixon/Wes Farrell; Hal David/Burt Bacharach/Barney Williams; Ric Marlow/Bobby Scott; Bert Russell/Phil Medley; Meredith Wilson; Dobbin/Garrett/Garman/Brianbert; Chuck Berry; William Robinson; Richard Drapkin; Berry Gordy/Janie Bradford; Roy Lee Johnson; Jerry Lieber/Mike Stoller/Richard Penniman; Buddy Holly; Carl Perkins; Johnny Russell/Vonie Harrison; Larry Williams; Richard Penniman/Enotris Johnson/Robert Blackwell; John Lennon/Paul McCartney and Nicolas/Montague on Sie Liebt Dich; John Lennon/Paul McCartney and Cicolas/Hellmer on Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand; Charles Pratt; Jack Yellen/Milton Ager; Tony Sheridan/Bill Crompton; Charles/Singleton/Waldenese Hall; Ben Bernie/Maceo Pinkard/Kenneth Casey; Mel Foree/Cy Cohen; Consuelo Velasquez/Selig Shaftel; Harry Smith/Ted Snyder/Frances Wheeler; Al Dubin/Harry Warren; Carl Perkins/William Cantrell/Quinton Claunch.

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