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The Beatles Trivia Questions, Part 8



Now you can test your knowledge of The Beatles.

A Splendid Time Is Guaranteed For All!

71.) What was the first song to use backwards vocals?

72.) Many of The Beatles songs were less than 3 minutes in duration. Can you name the first song that broke the 3-minute mark?

73.) What was the first American and British Beatles' album that was universally the same, meaning in design and having all the same tracks?

74.) On what song did The Beatles' intentionally use amplifier feedback?

75.) What year were The Beatles collection of albums first released in CD format?

76.) Who was the first American artist to sing and release a Beatles' song, and what song did he sing?

77.) What type of albums did George Martin produce before The Beatles?

78.) Where are Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields located?

79.) The advertising phrase, "The Beatles As Nature Intended," was used to promote what new singles release?

80.) Do you know by what name Paul and his brother Mike used when they performed for relatives, and was later used by Paul and John Lennon when they performed at a pub owned by a cousin?

See Below For Answers!

The Beatles Trivia Answers, Part 8

71.) Rain

72.) Ticket To Ride

73.) Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

74.) I Feel Fine

75.) 1987

76.) Del Shannon sang From Me To You.

77.) Comedy albums

78.) Liverpool, England

79.) Get Back / Don't Let Me Down

80.) The Nurk Twins

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